What A Los Angeles Virtual Assistant Services Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

A part of some job descriptions includes spending all day on social media. Don’t feel too bad about the time you spend updating your social media profiles, sending out tweets, and updating your LinkedIn page.
In this way of doing things, it’s easy to get lost — so much so that your social media management becomes you rather than you managing it. Your business will grow more if you have a virtual assistant who can help you take care of everything that comes along with social media management. Here’s how.

What To Expect From A Social Media Virtual Assistant

So, what does a social media manager do? You wouldn’t choose virtual assistant services without taking the time to understand how it works beforehand. For any small business trying to reach its target audience, social media might be a good place to start. But when it comes to doing all the work necessary to have a successful social media campaign or to make your blog more social, all that extra time can begin to add up. Having a social media virtual assistant on hand helps you keep on top of all your social media and keep your business running smoothly.

You can expect a virtual assistant to do the following tasks:

  • Managing multiple social media accounts – The job of managing multiple social media accounts includes replying to comments, contacting people, posting content, sharing content, and scheduling content. Virtual assistants who have experience with social media will know how to do this so effectively it’s not even necessary for you to bother with it yourself.
  • Identifying and interacting with your target audience – A small business likely has a very specific niche to market on social media. A post that appeals to everyone doesn’t have as much impact as one that appeals to a specific niche. Make online marketing work for you by outsourcing social media management to a virtual assistant who knows how to do the job.
  • Scheduling and calendar management – A virtual assistant is often thought to be useful for managing your schedule. And they can be. Someone who manages social media channels should also know how to schedule posts for maximum impact. Someone who has experience using platforms such as Hootsuite will know how to do this.
  • Follow-up and marketing – For some companies, social media is such an important lead generation tool they need someone to handle follow-ups. The email communication will be linked to the social media accounts as well. A virtual assistant with this particular skill set can assist you if this workload is too much for you.

The Advantages Of Hiring A Social Media Virtual Assistant

Everything above sounds good, but how does it work in practice? You’ll be surprised by the benefits you get just by making the hire. Here are some of the most immediate:

Virtual Assistants Are Qualified

Virtual assistants can turn overwork to people who are less qualified on a regular basis. Often with niche virtual assistants (such as with social media virtual assistants), you’ll be surprised at how well-trained and experienced they are. The BestOfBudgets study found that 59% of virtual assistants – specialized or not – have some college education. The most in-demand skill for a VA in 2019 was social media management, according to a survey of successful VAs. VAs are highly qualified, but they are flocking to increasingly niche areas like social media. Having a broad pool of VAs to choose from.

Virtual Assistants Are Relatively Inexpensive

What if your company hired a full-time social media manager? The salary of this individual would not only cost you, but you would also have to deal with benefits, payroll issues, and much more. And given that an eight-hour-a-day commitment doesn’t always lead to the kind of productivity you might squeeze out of four hours of dedicated work from a virtual assistant—all of which are on the clock—then you begin to see how hiring someone full time can sometimes be an inefficient way to go about it.

There are advantages of virtual assistants over full-time assistants, even for those with high-paying jobs. Moreover, virtual assistants are more flexible and often work on a freelancer or hourly basis, so businesses are able to set their own budgets. Drop us a line to learn more about our social media virtual assistants, or our data entry virtual assistant services.